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SimyelCFD Version Number 1.8

What’s new Version Number 1.8

  • New Program Interface
  • Stream and Velocity Plot Screen
  • All Graphical Screen is in th Console
  • Barrier Generator Module

SimyelCFD Version Number 1.7

What’s new Version Number 1.7

  • Flow Pressure Graphic and Save Module
  • Pressure and Velocity Line Contours
  • Pressure and Velocity Min and Max data setup for Contours Module
  • 4 Digit Naca Airfoil Drawing Module

SimyelCFD Version Number 1.6

What’s new Version Number 1.6

  • Flow Pressure Analysis Module
  • Pressure and Velocity Contours
  • New program interface

SimyelCFD Version Number 1.5

SimyelCFD Basic Tutorial 1

What’s new Version Number 1.5

  • Add your own model
  • Setting for file saving time
  • Setting for contours color

SimyelCFD Version Number 1.4

What’s new,  Version Number 1.4

  • New model added (Square and Line Objects )
  • Error corrected

SimyelCFD Version Number 1.2a